My Learning

This section guides you on the My Learning section with information on:

  • Getting started with My Learning, including key status definitions
  • How to manage, search, and sort for a specific activity
  • How to check the Leaner enrolment status
  • Viewing additional information regarding a Learning Activity
  • How to ensure a Learning Activity is completed
  • Viewing and saving Course certificates

My Learning is a collection of all Learning Activities that the Learner is currently enrolled to, and is organised and segmented by category (Courses, Webinars, F2F).

This page displays up to ten (10) enrolled Learning Activities in a list view.

My Learning Directory

This section guides users on how to manage, navigate, sort, search, and find enrolled Learning Activities through the My Learning Directory.

  • All enrolled Learning Activities are displayed in the My Learning Directory where the Leaner is presented with key information, including Learning Activity name, Category, Status, and Actions.
  • The default view displays ‘All’ Learning Activities (Training Courses, Webinars, Face-to-Face Training) allocated to the Learner, in an enrolled status.

The My Learning Directory page consists of four (04) sub-navigation tabs located at the top of the page, horizontally:

  • All (default page view)  
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Face-to-Face Training
  • These pages enable the Learner to access the enrolled Learning Activities, grouped into pages based on the activity category.
  • To navigate between pages, select the corresponding page number or [<Previous] and [Next>] buttons located at the bottom of the page.
  • The ‘sort’ function allows for the sorting of enrolled Learning Activities by title or enrolment status.
  • The ‘search’ function allows for searching of enrolled Learning Activities by user generated keywords.

Note: Certain Learning Activity enrolments may have an enrolment expiry date which is set by the Platform Administrator. Expired activities will not appear in the My Learning area. To be reassigned the Learning Activity enrolment users can contact the Platform Administrator

My Learning Status

This section provides users with information on the definitions of My Learning Status.
  • NOT ATTEMPTED – Learning Activities not yet launched or attempted by the Learner (0% viewed status).
  • INCOMPLETE – Learning Activities that have been launched by the Learner but have not attained a ‘Completed’ status (1-99% viewed status).
  • COMPLETED – Learning Activities that have attained a completion status by the Learner (100% viewed status).

My Learning Actions

This section provides users with information on My Learning Actions. The ‘Action’ column within the My Learning Directory allows the Learner to [View], [Launch] or in certain instances [Review] an enrolled Learning Activity.
VIEW Displays the My Learning Activity Details page containing information regarding the specific Learning Activity.
LAUNCH Opens the Learning Activity in a new pop-up window. This button appears next to Courses category activities only.
REVIEW Opens the Learning Activity in a new pop-up window. This button appears next to Courses category activities only and will appear once the Learner has completed the course to 100%
  • On successful completion of a Course activity, the [Review] button replaces the [Launch] If set by the Platform Administrator, this enables learners to re-launch the completed Course activity for review purposes.
  • Webinars and Face-to-Face Training activities provide Learners with the [View] action button only. To launch the course, the Learner must first select [View] and visit the ‘My Learning Details’ page.

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My Learning Details

This section provides information regarding My Learning Details.

  • When you navigate to the My Learning Directory and click the [View] option alongside any enrolled Learning Activity, the system will open the ‘My Learning Details’ page for the relevant activity.
  • This page presents the relevant Learning Activity information. The left-hand side of the screen presents the activity name, keywords, course duration, date completed, category, and status.
  • The Resources section is located at the right-hand side of the screen. Here, the Learner is presented with the relevant resources available within the specific Learning Activity. A Learning Activity could hold any number of resources, with a minimum of one (01).
  • In the resources section, Learners can [Launch] the Learning Activity.

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Learning Activity Completion

This section provides you with information on how to accurately save the progress of a Learning Activity.  

  • After closing or completing a Learning Activity, please wait while the system automatically updates the Activity progress and completion information. This should take no more than 5 seconds. However, this can be impacted by network quality and speed.
  • The blue progress bar will indicate the progress while the tracking is being saved.
  • Once complete, the tracking and completion fields on the My Learning Details page will be automatically populated with the Learner progress.

The following fields will automatically populate:

  • Date Completed
  • Activity Status
  • Allowed Attempts (if applicable)

Course Certificates

This section provides you with information on how to view and save Course Certificates.

  • Learners who complete 100% of the main solution and foundation courses receive a certificate of completion.
  • Leaners can view their course certificate within the My Learning Details page for the relevant course.
  • Once in a completed state, the course certificate is generated below the Resources section, located at the right-hand side of the My Learning Details page.

Figure L: Course Certificate

  • Selecting [Download Your PDF Certificate] will generate a PDF download of the course certificate with the Learner’s profile listed name. You can save, download, or print the certificate.

You will be issued a general Camms Certificate of completion for the below courses:

Solution Courses

Camms.Risk Solution

Camms.Risk Audit

Camms.Risk Incident

Camms.Strategy Solution

Camms.Project Solution

Camms.Talent Solution

Camms.Engage Solution

Camms.Insights Solution

Camms.Connect Solution

Camms.Meeting Solution

Foundation Courses

Introduction to Risk Essentials

Introduction to Strategy & KPI Essentials

Administrator Courses

Camms.Insights Administration

Camms.Talent Administration

Note: The Course Certificate is issued along with the Learner’s profile listed name. Once the certificate is issued, any personal details cannot be changed. You are advised to review the Learner Profile area and ensure all personal information is captured accurately.