Introduction & Logging In


The Camms.College Learning Experience Platform has been designed to fast-track and deliver highly engaging digital education with self-service features and functionalities for personalised learning. The platform powers our next generation customer success portal—Camms.College.

This will provide you with a central location to access all product learning resources of Camms.

The purpose of this user guide is to provide familiarity around the Camms.College Learning Experience Platform; including basic functions to facilitate efficient usage of the e-learning tools provided.

This section provides a platform overview, along with guidance on:

This section enables users with information on:
• Best practice guidelines before using the system.
• Familiarity with system terminology.
• How to login to the platform.
• How to reset the password.
• Familiarity with the user roles available on the platform.

Getting Started

Before using the Platform, the following best practice guidelines are recommended:

Browser: The platform is a web-based system accessed through a browser. For the best user experience, we recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser of choice when logging in to Camms.College.

To download either of these browsers, click on the following links:

Page Loading: There may be a delay when you first load some larger resources. This may take a few minutes. Do not refresh your page if this occurs, or you may need to launch the activity again.


This section highlights common terminology used across the platform and this user guide:

The Learner is a general user of the platform.

Group Administrator

The Group Admin is an administrative user of the platform who manages a set of Learners from a company.
Platform Administrator
The Platform admin is an administrative user of the platform from Camms.College who manage the system.
A Group is a segment of users (Learners) who are grouped together based on the organisation they belong to.
Learning Activity
Specific forms of learning content provided on the platform. Three (03) Learning Activity categories are provided; Courses, Webinars, Face-to-Face Training.
The assignment of a user into a Learning Activity is referred to as an enrolment. A Learner must first be enrolled into an activity to be able to view it.

Displays all publicly listed Learning Activities that are available for unlimited self-enrolment by the Learner.

My Learning
Displays all Learning Activities that the Learner is enrolled to.
Training Courses
Interactive learning objects that allow Learners to visually understand and virtually interact with modular-based lessons.
Face-to-Face (F2F) Training
Virtual training held with Camms experts including Virtual Consulting and Reporting training recordings made available through the platform.

Logging In

This section highlights the steps to log in to the platform:

Step 1

Open your browser, enter the URL provided below into the address bar, and hit enter. URL:

Step 2

Click on the [Sign In] button locate at the top right of the screen.

Step 3

On the login page, enter the registered company email address and password provided within the ‘Welcome’ email, or provided to you by the Camms.College Platform Admin. For support, contact the Platform Admin.

Step 4

Click on the [Login] button to enter the Dashboard.

Figure A: Camms.College Home Page Login Button

Note: Tick the ‘Remember me’ option to retain the login credential records on the device used to access the system.

Note: Add this link to your favourites or bookmarks for easy access.

Single Sign On (SSO)

This section highlights the steps to access your Camms.College dashboard through the Single Sign On (SSO) function.

This feature allows you to login to the dashboard directly from the Camms application, and without having to enter any login credentials.

Step 1

From within your Camms application, locate the Product Navigation Menu on the Top Navigation Panel. Click on the Product Navigation Menu icon.

Step 2

Locate and click on [Camms.College].

Step 3

A new browser window will open and display the Camms.College Dashboard area.

If you do not see the [Camms.College] option on Product Navigation Menu, please contact the Platform Administrator for assistance.

Figure B: Camms Suite Product Navigation Menu

Password Reset

This section highlights the steps to reset the user password:

Step 1

Recover a lost or forgotten password by clicking the [Forgot Password] option on the login screen.

Step 2

Registered users can select the forgotten password prompt to receive an email with a link to reset the user password.

Step 3

If you do not receive an email, please contact the Platform Administrator for assistance, by visiting the Contact Us form.

Figure C: Password Reset on Login Screen

User Roles

This section highlights the user roles available on the platform.

The current release facilitates two (02) user roles: the Learner role for general users, and the Group Administrator role for company administrators.

Learner User Role

The Learner is a general user of the platform. Learners will have the following functionalities:

Group Administrator User Role

The Group Admin is an administrative user of the platform. The Group Admin manages a set of Learners from a company. From a functionality perspective, and in addition to the Learner functions mentioned above, Group Admins also have the ability to perform the following: