This section provides guidance on using the Dashboard with information on:

  • Getting familiar with specific sections of the Dashboard
  • How to use the Learner Profile Information section
  • How to view Notifications from the Platform Admin
  • How to monitor your progress using Leaner Statistics
  • Viewing a Learning Activity on the Dashboard
  • How to monitor your Service Hours (Group Admins only)

The Dashboard is the default view a user sees when logged in to the platform. It consists of five (05) main sections:

  • Learner Profile Information
  • Notifications
  • Learner Statistics
  • My Learning Activities
  • Service Hours (Group Admins only)

Learner Profile Information

This section provides information about the Learner Profile Information area located on the Dashboard.

Basic user profile information (profile name and user email) is displayed at the top of the dashboard alongside the following quick links:

  • Selecting [Catalogue] will display all publicly available courses and webinars.
  • Selecting [Profile] will display your profile information.
  • Selecting [MyLearning] will display all Learning Activities you are currently enrolled to. 

Figure F:Learner Profile Information on Dashboard


This section provides information about the Notifications area located on the Dashboard.

Notifications are created by the Platform Administrator and when distributed will appear in the ‘Notifications’ area on the Dashboard.

Figure H: Notifications on Dashboard

  • Notifications may provide additional information regarding Learning activities, events, or platform status.
  • The Platform Administrator will set a specific date range for the notification to expire after which, the notification will be removed from the dashboard.
  • If there are no current notifications, the message presented is: ‘You do not currently have any notifications.’

The following section details the steps to view notifications:

Step 1

Click the notification title to display the notification message in a pop-up screen.

Step 2

Click on the [X] to close the notification.

Step 3

Click [Show All] to display all active notifications in a new page.

Step 4

Click [Dashboard] on the Welcome Panel to return to your dashboard view.

Note: Notifications may contain links for further information. Clicking on a link may open a new tab in the browser window.

Learner Statistics

This section provides information about the Learner Statistics area located on the Dashboard.

  • The Leaner Statistics section displays the status of all Learning Activities that you are currently enrolled to.
  • Statistics are grouped and displayed in totals by activity status of ‘Completed’, ‘Incomplete’, and ‘Not Attempted’. Click here to learn more about Learning Activity Status.

Figure I: Learner Statistics on Dashboard

My Learning Activities

This section provides information about the My Learning Activities sections located on the Dashboard.

The Dashboard displays the Learning Activities that the Learner is currently enrolled to, grouped by three (03) Learning Activity categories:

  • My Training Courses
  • My Webinars
  • My Face-to-Face Training

The four (04) most recently enrolled or assigned Learning Activities display within each relevant activity grouping. Click on [View All] to see all enrolled activities on the My Learning page.

Enrolled activities appear in a tile view by default. You can choose between tile view and list view for a graphical or textual information view on the activity grouping section.

The My Learning Activities sections allow you to:

  • View activity tiles that present the activity name and current enrolment status (Completed, Incomplete, or Not Attempted).
  • Click [View] to display the ‘My Learning Details’ page containing information about the relevant activity.
  • Click [Launch] to open the activity. This button is available on the Dashboard for the Course Category Learning Activities only.

Jump to detailed information regarding My Learning.

Jump to detailed information on how to launch a Learning Activity.

Figure J: Dashboard My Learning Activities

Note: If the pop-up does not launch, this may be due to an active pop-up blocker in your browser. See instructions on how to activate browser pop-ups.

Service Hours

This section provides information about the Learner Statistics area located on the Dashboard.

This section provides information about the Service Hours area located on the Dashboard. This section is visible to Group Administrators only.

Figure K: Service Hours on Group Admin Dashboard

The Service Hours section displays a summary of the Camms.College Virtual Consulting and Virtual Reporting hours available to your organisation.

The first column displays ‘Total Hours’ available for the contract period. The second column displays the ‘Utilised Hours’ and the third column displays the ‘Remaining Hours’ for the duration of the Camms.College contract period.

The section displays the hours available within the current contract period. These hours will be reset every 12 months on contract renewal. If any additional hours are purchased during the duration of the contract period, those hours will also be displayed on the dashboard.

For any further information regarding your organisation’s service hours, please contact your Platform Administrator.