Central Admin

This section guides Group Administrators on the Central Admin functions, with information on:

  • Getting started with the Leaner Directory
  • How to view and manage Learners within your Group
  • How to view and edit Learner profile information

Central Admin is a function available for Group Administrators and can be accessed through the Welcome Panel.

Click on [Central Admin] on the Welcome Panel will direct you to the Learner Directory page.

Learner Directory

This section guides Group Administrators on how to view and manage Learners within your Group through the Learner Directory.

The Learner Directory displays the list of all Learners available within your company specific Group.

The Learner Directory will display up to 25 Learners per page, in a list view with columns displaying the User name, Email Address, Employment ID (if applicable), Status, and Action.

The ‘Sort by’ function allows for sorting Learners by Name, Email, Status or Created date. 

The ‘Search’ function allows for searching Learners by user generated keywords.

To navigate between pages, select the corresponding page number or click on the [<Previous] or [Next>] buttons located at the bottom of the page.

Follow these steps to view, manage or edit a Learner’s profile information through the Learner Directory:

Click on the Learner User name to quick view the relevant Learner’s profile information on a pop-up screen. The pop-up will display:

Step 1

  • Personal Details: Full name, Email, Telephone, Mobile number, Address, Referred By, Referred From, User Role
  • Employment Details: Employment ID, Position, Company Name, Industry
  • Other Details: Date Created, Sign-in Count, Last Sign-in
  • Group Details: Group Name

Step 2

Clicking the activity title will display a pop-up screen. Select the [X] button at the top-right corner to close the activity information screen or click outside the pop-up area.

Step 3

In the Action column, click on the edit icon to view or edit any Learner’s profile information. The Group Administrator can now edit and perform the same functions available to the Learner in the User Profile area.

Jump to more information regarding User Profile Management.

Note: Any Learner profile edits made by the Group Administrator through the Learner Directory will be permanent and reflect immediately within the Learner’s account.